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Call Attorney Bo Schimers! (734) 282-0200.  Need the best legal advice? In need of a Divorce Lawyer, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Drivers Restoration Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer or DUI Lawyer and do not know where to turn? Call Bo! Please do take a minute and learn more about our law offices and our legal services.

Need a Divorce Attorney or Family Lawyer – Call Bo

small bodo 150x150 Bo Schimers   Detroit LawyerDivorce and family law is an excruciatingly painful experience. As a top metro Detroit divorce and family lawyer with over 25 years of experience Bo understands that divorce law is not only about legal concerns, there is also a personal element to help comfort his clients through those difficult moments.

The problems you are facing can be solved. Call Attorney Bo Schimers for your FREE phone consultation. I’ll make sure your case receives the attention it well deserves. I’m a lawyer who cares and will work with you on price you can afford.

Not sure what to do next? Our lawyers are committed to publishing easy to read and understand articles on our website, we welcome you to learn more about the divorce process. One of our specialties include understand the law as it applies to Child Custody Laws during a Divorce.  Another valuable resource is this article which describes the (click here) Divorce and the Alimony process. Finally, click this link to learn more about contested divorces vs. uncontested divorces in Michigan.

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Need a Criminal Defense Attorney or Lawyer - Call Bo

DSCF1320b 150x150 Bo Schimers   Detroit Lawyer

If only he had listened to my advice!

In need of a criminal lawyer or criminal attorney at law for your legal needs? Bo has over 25 years of experience building relationships with fellow lawyers, judges, prosecutors and everyone in the due process of law. Judges and prosecutors know me – you should too! As many know, I have been on TV for more than 20 years and am truly dedicated to helping people!

The problems you are facing can be solved. Call Attorney Bo Schimers for your FREE phone consultation. I’ll make sure your case receives the attention it well deserves. I’m a lawyer who cares and will work with you on a price you can afford.

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Need a Drivers License Restoration Lawyer - Call Bo

bo license 150x150 Bo Schimers   Detroit LawyerDid you know that Bo Schimers is the most well known and reputable lawyer for helping people in the due process of getting their drivers license restored? Yes, Bo Schimers dedicates much of his time and resources at our practice helping people with the drivers license restoration process.

The problems you are facing can be solved. Call Attorney Bo Schimers for your FREE phone consultation. I’ll make sure your case receives the attention it well deserves. I’m a lawyer who cares and will work with you on price you can afford.  Ask about my lay-away plan.

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Driving, DUI, OUI, DWI or OWI Lawyer? Call Bo

boschimers beating bac 150x132 Bo Schimers   Detroit LawyerDrunk driving and DUI lawyer Bo Schimers has over 20 years of experience litigating and defending the rights of citizens wrongly accused of drunk driving. Whether you have been wrongly accused, believe a database BAC device malfunction may have occurred or another one of your rights have been violated, Drunk driving and DUI attorney Bo Schimers has the knowledge, experience and connections to get the best possible results for his clients.

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Bo Knows the Law – Call Bo

I have reasonable rates on Divorce and Family matters, Drunk Driving, Driver’s License Restorations, Criminal cases and all other legal matters. For most problems I will quote you a flat rate so that you won’t be surprised by all the extras many law firms charge. I accept VISA/Mastercard.

Of course, there is never a fee for any personal injury or medical malpractice claim unless we win!! See me for all the details. Remember, insurance companies make money by not paying claims. I make sure that you get the highest settlement possible.

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